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Louisville grand jury indicts 1 of 3 officers in fatal Breonna Taylor police shooting

23 Sep , 2020  

CNN reports: “Brett Hankison, the former Louisville police officer who fatally shot Breonna Taylor, has been indicted by a grand jury on three counts of wanton endangerment in the first degree.

Two other officers involved in the March shooting — Sgt. John Mattingly and Det. Myles Cosgrove — were not charged following months of demonstrations calling for the arrests of all the officers.”
Six months after her death, and after numerous protests, Breonna Taylor and her family haven’t seen justice.  The outcome was anticipated as a State of Emergency was declared in Louisville, and a curfiew put in place for 72 hours in the anticipation of new protests. 

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15 Sep , 2020  

Over the past couple of years, Emily Ratajkowski has become a household name. Known primarily for her role in Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ video, Gone Girl, and laughably as Gibby’s cute girlfriend in iCarly, Ratajkowski has won the hearts of many. Having gained notoriety for her looks, Ratajkowski is the envy and desire of many.

Ratajkowski has always been vocal about social justice. Using her platform, the model-actress encourages her followers to vote, and speak out against sexual assault. In her in-depth essay for The Cut, Ratajkowski painfully details the fight for her own image. With many of her photos publicly available, Ratajkowski has seen “artists” profit off of her image, incorporating her photos in their “art.” Sadly, she often hasn’t seen the profits from these artists, nor has she gained justice for their misuse. 

In her article, she details her experiences with exploitation, sexual assault, and her ongoing battle with photographer Jonathan Leder. Emily Ratajkowski’s story is one that highlights how men declare ownership over women’s bodies, and how it can be hard to be taken seriously if you’re deemed as “too sexy.”

You can read the article here:

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Actress Bella Thorne Has Altered the Entire OnlyFans Payment Model

30 Aug , 2020  

Since its inception, OnlyFans has provided a safe space for sex workers to earn a stable income. Due to its lucrative subscription model, and lack of caps on a la carte products such as videos and photos, sex workers have been able to profit in a way they haven’t on other platforms. In a time where sex workers’ livelihoods are constantly threatened, and other sites have banned any overt displays of sexuality, OnlyFans has provided financial freedom for hundreds of thousands of users. Unfortunately, like platforms such as Youtube, Tik Tok, and more, celebrities are seeing additional ways to make income. One of those celebrities, Bella Thorne did just that. 

Claiming to be doing research for a Sean Baker (Director of Tangerine and The Florida Project) documentary project, Thorne joined the service, raking in over $1 million in under 24 hours. However, the issue doesn’t necessarily lie in Thorne’s record-breaking sales, it lies in something a bit more complex.

Additionally, here is an article from Rolling Stone that sums up the story well:

Top OnlyFans user Erika Hoedewald explains in detail how the payment model works at the service, and what Bella Thorne did to jeopardize the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of sex workers:


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Woodhull Speaks Out on BDSM Court Decision

14 Mar , 2016  

Woodhull Speaks Out on BDSM Court Decision


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