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Sex Calls: Cunnilingus with Cunningham & Al Goldstein

1 Feb , 2018  

Curious about oral sex? Have questions about how to maximum your partner’s pleasure? In this installation of Sex Calls, Dr. Suzy has her Vulva Puppet handy to talk about Cunnilingus with Cunningham & Al Goldstein. Ooh la la.

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Bla Bla

Recommended Reading: Penthouse Variations of Oral

26 Jun , 2017  

penthouse-variations-on-oralHOT SUMMER READS: Penthouse Variations on Oral. This collection of stories is available in paperback, and is sure to get you tingling with delight. Enjoy these tales about going down, and give this pleasure read to someone you love– even if that someone is you.

Penthouse Variations on Oral | Publisher: Cleis Press.

Want more Oral Pleasures? Watch: Oral Pleasures with Layla Sin | Bonoboville Cut

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