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MUST READ From Wear Your Voice: For Some Survivors, Phone Sex Can Be a Path To Healing

14 Oct , 2020  

One of my favorite publications, Wear Your Voice published an article highlighting the empowerment that phone sex can provide, whether it be professional or personal. Although it is not a traditional form of therapy for survivors, it offers a way to build autonomy without utilizing your body or sacrificing your own pleasure. 


You can view the link here.

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Article Tie-In: Pleasure, Mortality, Revolution, and the ‘Decameron’

21 Sep , 2020  

Happy Sunday Sinners! Last night’s throwback episode of the Dr. Susan Block Show was a great discussion about sex, Christianity, and mortality. I’ve specialized in writing about the three subjects in regards to film and pop culture in general, so I was very excited to listen to the show and ponder my own experiences as a former bible study leader, and member of the church.

One of my pieces (which happened to be one of my sample submissions for editor/writer at Bonoboville) explores pleasure, mortality, revolution, and the “Decameron.” The “Decameron” is a thirteenth-century Italian masterwork that captures resilience, the power of storytelling, the hypocrisy of Christianity, and sex during the Plague. Set during a tumultuous period in history, the “Decameron” celebrates life and pleasure in all its forms in a time where death and misery were abundant.

The piece focuses on the many film adaptations of the book, and how they tie into the different movements in history, particularly the change in western attitudes towards sex in the early seventies. From 1971 to approximately 1975, there are over 40 film adaptations, entitled Decamerotici (Some poster art is linked below). There are other modern reincarnations such as Virgin Territory and The Little Hours

Entering Virgin Territory Pleasure Mortality Revolution and the Decameron - Google Docs

Overall, if you enjoy film, history, sex, and religion, you might enjoy this piece. 

Before leaving, here is a fun list of euphemisms for sex and genitalia from the 13th century:

“The evil hole never takes a holiday.”

“The kind of horn men do their butting with.”

“One cock is good enough for ten hens”

“I’m going to work your garden for you better than it’s ever been worked before.”

“Round breasts, as firm and delicate as if they had been made of ivory.”


The piece was originally posted in the Patreon section of a website that is no longer live. The link is a repost. 

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Following Netflix’s Marketing Misfire, ‘Cuties’ Director Maïmouna Doucouré Defends Her Film

17 Sep , 2020  

Earlier this year, Maïmouna Doucouré’s film Cuties debuted at the Sundance film festival to overall critical acclaim. A coming-of-age tale that serves as a cautionary tale of the sexualization of young girls (Not unlike 2003’s Thirteen), most viewers understood Doucouré’s intentions. Following its debut and other international festivals, the film was acquired by Netflix for US distribution. However, months later, Netflix unveiled a poster that completely painted Cuties in a negative light. Not unlike the imagery displayed in shows such as Dance Moms or Toddler in Tiaras, there was an immediate backlash to the film, many viewers accusing Cuties of promoting pedophilia (without even seeing the movie first). 

Despite the fact that Netflix removed it’s original marketing materials, the damage has already been done. Doucouré has received death threats, as well as many supporters and film critics (myself included). Following the headlines and the massive debate surrounding Cuties, Maïmouna Doucouré stands behind her work. Based on real-life experiences from her own youth, Cuties isn’t an unusual film with unusual circumstances. Was there this level of outrage outside the United States? Not at all. Perhaps it’s because of America’s Puritanical outlook on sexuality that sparked this mess. 

In our media-driven society, children are being exposed to more at an earlier age. Cuties isn’t an endorsement of young sexuality but simply points out that it’s a very real issue that occurs all over the world. She was simply bold enough to go where so few directors go.

You can view the full article here:

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According to INSIDER: “Pope Francis Says The Pleasures of Food and Sex Are ‘Simply Divine'”

11 Sep , 2020  

There have been a lot of popes in Italy’s history, but Pope Francis may be one of the coolest. In a book of interviews with writer Carlo Petrini, he describes the pleasures of food and sex as “simply divine.” While most religious figures shy away from matters involving any form of pleasure, Pope Francis encourages it. That’s important because experiencing pleasure in all forms is a part of what makes life worth living for. The new book is entitled “Terra Futura.” It recently published on Wednesday of this week. 

To read more you can visit:

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Here’s How to Finger a Girl | Nottywriter via Slutty Girl Problems

15 May , 2017  

“So how do you actually finger someone right once you’re up there? Well, you’ve got to move slowly. Before an errant digit ventures inside, she needs to be properly wet and ready for you… and that means build-up.” READ MORE

Nottywriter  of

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11 Things You Should Definitely Put On Your Sex Bucket List by Anna Davies | Prevention

4 Jun , 2017  

Get your butt out of a rut with these 11 Things You Should Definitely Put On Your Sex Bucket List by Anna Davies. From “Just Because” Sex  to Have “The Couch/Coffee Table/Washing Machine Will Never Be The Same” Sex, this list Davies’ list could be just the boost you need. Want more? Try reading What Your Sex Dreams Really Mean.

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Sexual History: The Ancient Erotica of Great Civilizations | Theodore Carter via Dirge

7 Dec , 2016  

khajuraho-temple-header“Though it may not be polite to talk about in history class, erotica appears in most great civilizations in human history. From hieroglyphs of fornicating Egyptians, to wild orgiastic Greek romps painted on pottery, to octopus cunnilingus wood cuts in Edo-period Japan, when there is art and culture, there is erotica….” READ MORE

Theodore Carter is the author of The Life Story of a Chilean Sea Blob and Other Matters of Importance

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The Rise of Cannisexuals by Peter Holslin | PrimeMind

31 May , 2016  

Sex and cannabis? It has been happening longer than you think. Read: The Rise of Cannisexuals 

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VR Sex Robots May Be Coming Soon

13 Apr , 2016  

Is virtual reality about to get a little more surreal?
“VR Sex Robots May Be Coming Soon” by Curtis Silver in Forbes

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