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Hotel Bonobo Front Desk LIVE WEBCAM

31 Aug , 2017  

miller-hotel2Welcome to The Bonobo Way Hotel.
You can view our live security cameras that feature different parts of the hotel property.
We broadcast them free for your viewing pleasure.
The hotel is available to guests of the studio, as well as Bonoboville members.
For more information please call 213.670.0066.


Surround yourself with good.

Hotel Bonobo Front Desk.


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Tommy Cam | USC

11 Apr , 2016  

See USC in a whole light with Tommy Cam, “A photo every minute from the center of USC’s University Park campus.”

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Featured Bonobo: Gypsy

27 Aug , 2017   Gallery

A thoughtful, exhibitionist, with a warm smile and plenty of tattoos, Gypsy Bonobo can be seen on The Dr. Susan Block Show as Dr. Suzy’s wonderful stage assistant. She is also a therapist with the Dr. Susan Block Institute, available for phone and webcam sessions (by appointment). Say hello to this Bonoboësque gal.


“Every week I love the show more and more! This week’s show was stuffed FULL of flogging,history, spanking and heart shaped hiney’s!! What a way to kick off pre-Lupercalia! Thank you Dr.Suzy for always sifting though the “alternative facts” to get to truth and always directing my attention to the important information every week, and educating me on how to live my life with peace through pleasure. The #bonoboway all day! xox P.S. Dr.Susan’s was ravishing tin the hot red number, and looked even cuter in it flogging away!! Love you!”  ~Gypsy’s thoughts on Pre-Lupercalia Fiber-Optic Flogfest!


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Spotlight Therapy: Exhibitionsim

16 Aug , 2017  

The Dr. Susan Block Institute:

Exhibitionism Therapy

“Show off! So what if you are? We all go through life performing. Being the center of attention, erotic or otherwise, can boost your ego. On the other hand, it can also be embarrassing. It is always, at its essence, revealing….”


2017 is here and our Therapists Without Borders are available to help you cope, rejoice or keep your resolutions. Whether you need serious sex therapy to help you deal with problems, a confidential conversation about a secret obsession or a guided erotic hypnosis to warm you up on a winter’s night, you can call us for webcam, phone or sext therapy anytime.

Need to talk? Call now.

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