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“Secret Lesbian Love” with Sara

21 Oct , 2015  

unnamed (5)   Dr. Susan Block takes a call from Sara who is seeking relationship advice. Sara is in a relationship with a woman and is looking to “spicen” things up. After a few question about the relationship, Sara reveals that she is mostly in the closet– few friends and family members know about her partner, despite the fact that they live together. Dr. Block advises that Sara step out of the “stuffy” closet to relieve the pressure, especially if she would like to commit to that relationship.

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Bla Bla

Lupercalia ❤ The Original V-Day!

4 Feb , 2016  

valentine-lupercalia_Dr-Suzy_v Lupercalia ❤ The Original V-Day! Long before there were the hearts & flowers of Valentine’s Day, there were the whips & floggers of Lupercalia. Learn the real pagan story behind the heart, according to Dr. Suzy. WATCH NOW

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