• I need a copy of The Bonobo Way as an audio book. Is that available ?

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  • HI ! What a wonderful Sunny Sunday ! …… and twice on Sunday !….. well maybe 5 times !
    I’m glad Max brought up the Capitalist issue, as well as Mr. Unscene. There is a extensive discourse on this from many sources including: Buckminster Fuller; Critical Path, Spaceship Earth, Ervin Laszlo; Club of Budapest, Quantum Society, Fritjof Capra; The Turning Point, Alvin Toefler; Third Wave, Power Shift, Robert Axelrod; Evolution of Competition, Robert Sapolsky; neurobiology of Aggression, Peter Joseph; Zeitgeist 1,2 ,3, Zeitgeist Movement Defined, Joseph Campbell; Power of Myth, Jacque Fresco, Roxanne Meadows; Future by Design, Venus Project, Margaret Mead; Growing up in Samoa, Elaine Morgan; Aquatic Ape Theory, Jane Goodall; The Chimpanzees of Gombi, Michael Wood; Legacy, all of these touch on the issue of Civilizations foundations, and our Physical, Mental and Spiritual interactions which have through evolution and de-evolution created the world we inhabit presently. So to Summarize briefly we have had only three forms of society: Hunter Gatherer for millions of years, Agricultural Civilization for thousands of years and Industrial Civilization for a few hundred years, now we are (hopefully) transitioning to Electronic Civilization. EC is : Hydrogen/Solar RE replacing all Gasoline, Oil, Coal, Nuclear,
    Gas, Direct Democracy ( voting by app ) replacing Representational Democracy, Sexual Positive Society replacing Sex Negative Society, Electronic Exchange (Resource Based Economy, UBI) replacing Fiat Monetary system, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence replacing menial labor. In short Capitalism is completely obsolete. Anyone who has played the Monopoly Game knows it ends the same way every time, you don’t actually make it to the end because at some point in becomes obvious you either cannot possibly lose your so rich, or that you can’t possibly win your going bankrupt so quick, that point was calculated using real world data and computer modeling by B. Fuller in 1957 ; his window of collapse came out between 2010 and 2025, and MIT in the book : Limits to Growth (several decades editions) came out to probabilities over 98% at 2030 + or – 5 yrs.
    Competition for Financial Resources will cause collapse no matter what parameters ( social services, corporate greed) are changed. Only a totally different system of Universal Income will work, add that to the Mechanism that Organizes the world for us and Common Chimps : Domination by Force ( violence ) and we are in a hole with only way out: total makeover.
    We must move to the Bonobo Way: Democracy by Consensus ( female centered, male circled, sex positive society; ie equality and sharing) and using Electronic Exchange ( see IRTA.com) barter with credits on the internet, Local Exchange Trading System LETS from Michael Linton in 1983 was a beginning, but it is now time to really put the systems into place.
    Unlike Peter Joseph and Jacque Fresco, ( go big or go home) and scientist studying Bonobos (human society couldn’t be sexually free), I believe; as in all evolution things start microscopically small ( embryonic ) and grow exponentially sometimes and therefore we , WE, YOU and I, US wherever we are must start just doing it . Sure Nikola Motors making class 8 hydrogen trucks and a nationwide hydrogen fueling network and Apple, Boston Dynamic Robotics and SolarWorld photovoltaic panels are manufacturing on a large scale, we need to start our own power; solar systems, organic aeroponic gardening , getting a hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Miria, Honda Clarity, or Hyundai Tucson, super efficient architecture etc. I just bought some land near Las Vegas and hope to film Bonobo Community Universal Love events ! Hope to see you !!! LOVE, Teddyboi

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