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  • My backyard on www peerspace.com backyard Paradise South. Palm Desert CA, 74333 Chicory st Palm Desert, 92260 come shoot your video/Film im my backyard. thank you ,Tim Liles. [email protected]

    Tim Liles posted an update 5 years ago

  • Anniversary for me one year ago I was cameraman Saturday night 10:30 p.m.

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  • Would love to come back just live a little far away 130 miles. Someday soon I hope to be relocating closer to Los Angeles. Really enjoyed spending the time at BONOBOVILLE when I had the opportunity and time to be there 1 year ago October November and December

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  • To Bonoboville. For the month of October and November renting out my backyard can find my ad pictures under peerspace.com backyard Paradise Pond waterfall Palm Desert California USA 92260.74333 chicory St. Palm Desert ca 92260. Check it out the photos pretty cool and unusually different than you normally would see in a backyard. Thank you Tim Liles

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  • @gypsy_bonobo been out of touch with the group down there if you see Harry tell him hello for. Tim Liles. Thank you.

  • nice warm Windy City of Palm Springs come for a day before you burn your ass off this summer

  • @angelique_devere. pretty awesome business you have. have a full line in professional videography Cinema equipment. reasonable rates. live in the Palm Springs area

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