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Instead of Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Lupercalia. | Dr. Susan Block via Elephant Journal

14 Feb , 2017  

spanking-womenInstead of Valentine’s Day, Celebrate Lupercalia By Dr. Susan Block via Elephant Journal
Intro: “Saint Valentine” was a farce…it all began with a she-wolf.

In a world of fake news and “alternative facts,” it’s no surprise that we’ve been sold a Valentine’s Day fallacy, too.

The high holiday of love is a capitalist’s fairy tale, concocted by Hallmark’s 19th century forebearers to increase greeting card

It stars Saint Valentine, a Christian martyr who was arrested and condemned to death for unlawfully marrying young couples in pagan Rome. While imprisoned, Valentine healed his jailer’s blind daughter, who fell in love with the chaste priest. Before being executed on February 14th, he left the girl a farewell note (which she could now see, thanks to his saintly ophthalmology skills), signed, “Your Valentine.”