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Bonoboville is social media Grown Up.This community-funded project is about sharing the message of living The Bonobo Way– achieving peace through pleasure, and being surrounded by good. Your memberships and donations keep the site running, our coders coding; and our Bonoboville residents connected.

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Located in sunny southern California, we here in Bonoboville are open-minded visionaries. We’ve seen how social networking has been done, but now it is time for it to grow up. It takes a whole lot to build a village—people, a common vision, and coconuts are all pretty essential. Bonoboville is about being loving & compassionate.

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This is where minds meet, conversations happen, and community creates. Browse through articles, user-generated content, and our active forums, as well as our classified sections. Here in Bonoboville we’re connecting people from all corners of the world.

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Cut from marble, and developed by the best coders that coconuts could afford, Bonoboville is what you’ve been looking for in a social network. Our project goal is to build a platform that allows the content creators to share in the profits made from publishing great content. We understand that not all niches are created equal, but if you have the audience, we have the technology.

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