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  • The Bonobo Way 12 Steps | Step 2: See the Bonobos.

    Greetings Bonoboville, As I continue my commitment to #GoBonobos in 2017, I’m revisiting The Bonobo Way 12 Steps from Dr. Block’s book, The Bonobo Way.  The second step in this different kind of 12 step program is “Be a Bonobo.” Dr. Block has this to say, “like neotantric yoga, Tai Chi or belly dancing, many of these […]
  • Goddess Fae Black & the Bonoboësque FemDom 4 on DrSuzy.Tv!

    “I have a strong urge to watch National Geographic docs on bonobos now.“ Ms.Angelina Adams “Goddess Fae Black is stunning and graceful, along with the fabulous FemDom4, who sparked up some excitement in the Womb Room of Bonoboville with BDSM tricks! A nice praxis of the the Bonobo Way.” Miss Ono Bo “Dr. Susan Block […]