Live-In Writer with PR Experience (Part-Time)

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by Gonzo Bonobo | Updated September 8, 2015  

Part-time LIVE-IN PR writer wanted for sex-positive community run by internationally renowned media sexologist, best-selling author and institute director, featured on HBO, Nightline, Playboy and other media channels. You must be intelligent, a good writer/editor, media savvy, able to organize and maintain targeted media contact lists, with a good telephone voice and personality. If you have experience or current contacts in major media or social media, that’s a plus. WordPress or video-editing ability are also pluses.

You’ll be promoting our new book, “The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure,” our new social media site, Bonoboville, and our telephone sex therapy practice, as well as tweeting during our amazing, audience-participation show every Saturday night, adding to your resume as well as your bucket list. You’ll also be answering phones and doing some basic office work along with the writing.

This is a BARTER position. You give us 4 hours a day, six days a week, including Saturday nights…In return you’ll get a nice large private studio/room, all you can eat, free internet, maid service for the common areas, secure parking and a very cool bohemian atmosphere in our new West LA Institute with an erotic art gallery, studio, bar, garden, palm trees and there’s a lot more (at least, there will be soon; we’re a work in progress!) within an exciting, vibrant, sex-positive, socialist-style, capitalist-oriented community of artists, technologists and sexologists.

How about cash? If you are accepted for this position, you will also have the immediate opportunity to earn income ($10 -$60/hour). The barter is for the part-time creative PR writing, as explained above.

To learn more about us, please check out our sites before applying:
• (our social media site–in Beta!)

Of course, at some point, you’ll get a real job making hundreds of thousands in Hollywood. In the meantime, this might be fun and very rewarding for you and us.

If you’re interested, send your resume and photo with a well-written email about why you think you’d be right for this position.

Written by Gonzo Bonobo

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