THE FUCK-IT LIST: 30 Sexy Things to Do During Social Distancing

by AdrianaGW | Updated November 20, 2020  

With Coronavirus cases skyrocketing during the winter season, it’s become apparent that social-distancing, or more specifically, physical-distancing isn’t going away anytime soon. Since most gatherings are prohibited, and most of us are confined to our homes, how are we supposed to remain sex-positive during a time where sex has become akin to a forbidden act? Whether you’re in a relationship or single, there are ways you can remain sexually active and sex-positive without risking your health. In fact, without the pressure to engage in physical intimacy, this forces us to get a bit more creative in our approaches to sexuality. 

Here are some ways you can enjoy sex during a time of social (or physical) distancing:

  • Practice self-love with new toys and positions.
  • Enjoy a live erotic reading or give one! Need ideas, Hysterical Literature is a great place to start.
  • Watch an erotic film with a group, or with a special partner. 
  • Participate in erotic hypnotism, whether it be on your own or with a partner. 
  • Do an at-home boudoir shoot, or your own or with a partner. 
  • Participate in a live nude drawing session.”Draw me like one of your French girls!”
  • Mutual masturbation.
  • Send romantic/sexy snail mail. Even better if you send gifts.
  • Take a kinky class and educate yourself about something new. 
  • Buy some new naughty lingerie for yourself…or for your partner.
  • Shoot a sex video at home.
  • Try your hand at writing erotica. If you want to, share it online or with loved ones.
  • Virtual strip poker (or any other game of your choice).
  • Enjoy some old-fashioned phone sex (without video chat). You can enjoy it with a partner or with a service like the Dr. Susan Block Institute.
  • Or you can do a video chat. Keep things interesting by dressing up and treating it like a special occasion. 
  • Enjoy a “Secret Satan!” gift exchange with friends. A heathen’s version of Secret Santa, exchange anything kinky, sexy, frivolous, etc. Mail your gifts to each other and have a Zoom meetup to share.
  • Get elaborate with sexting.
  • Support a sex worker on OnlyFans or any other subscription site!
  • Get in touch with your inner exhibitionist and share adult content online.
  • Attend a sexy dance party (virtually).
  • Send some artsy nudes to a special someone. 
  • Join a fetish website like FetLife.
  • Attend a virtual orgy.
  • Create a sexual trivia game and enjoy with loved ones and friends.
  • If you have a partner, schedule a responsible date night at home or outdoors to spice things up.
  • REALLY get into role play with your partner(s). Live your fantasy!
  • Do a naughty peep show in the window while your partner is outside watching.
  • Get into sploshing- playing with your food in a sexual way.
  • Or if you’re not into playing with your food, cooking together is always hot, especially if you include champagne and other aphrodisiacs in the mix.
  • Try something athletic like naked yoga (at home).

Have any other suggestions? Feel free to comment!

Written by AdrianaGW

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  1. Profile Photo VixenBlu says:

    Ah, some of these are really good. I have considered myself very lucky in what my Quarantine Pod turned out to be. Virtual sex = safe sex

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