THE FUCK-IT LIST: 30 Sexy Things to Do During Social Distancing

by AdrianaGW | Updated November 20, 2020  

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With Coronavirus cases skyrocketing during the winter season, it’s become apparent that social-distancing, or more specifically, physical-distancing isn’t going away anytime soon. Since most gatherings are prohibited, and most of us are confined to our homes, how are we supposed to remain sex-positive during a time where sex has become akin to a forbidden act? Whether you’re in a relationship or single, there are ways you can remain sexually active and sex-positive without risking your health. In fact, without the pressure to engage in physical intimacy, this forces us to get a bit more creative in our approaches to sexuality. 

Here are some ways you can enjoy sex during a time of social (or physical) distancing:

  • Practice self-love with new toys and positions.
  • Enjoy a live erotic reading or give one! Need ideas, Hysterical Literature is a great place to start.
  • Watch an erotic film with a group, or with a special partner. 
  • Participate in erotic hypnotism, whether it be on your own or with a partner. 
  • Do an at-home boudoir shoot, or your own or with a partner. 
  • Participate in a live nude drawing session.”Draw me like one of your French girls!”
  • Mutual masturbation.
  • Send romantic/sexy snail mail. Even better if you send gifts.
  • Take a kinky class and educate yourself about something new. 
  • Buy some new naughty lingerie for yourself…or for your partner.
  • Shoot a sex video at home.
  • Try your hand at writing erotica. If you want to, share it online or with loved ones.
  • Virtual strip poker (or any other game of your choice).
  • Enjoy some old-fashioned phone sex (without video chat). You can enjoy it with a partner or with a service like the Dr. Susan Block Institute.
  • Or you can do a video chat. Keep things interesting by dressing up and treating it like a special occasion. 
  • Enjoy a “Secret Satan!” gift exchange with friends. A heathen’s version of Secret Santa, exchange anything kinky, sexy, frivolous, etc. Mail your gifts to each other and have a Zoom meetup to share.
  • Get elaborate with sexting.
  • Support a sex worker on OnlyFans or any other subscription site!
  • Get in touch with your inner exhibitionist and share adult content online.
  • Attend a sexy dance party (virtually).
  • Send some artsy nudes to a special someone. 
  • Join a fetish website like FetLife.
  • Attend a virtual orgy.
  • Create a sexual trivia game and enjoy with loved ones and friends.
  • If you have a partner, schedule a responsible date night at home or outdoors to spice things up.
  • REALLY get into role play with your partner(s). Live your fantasy!
  • Do a naughty peep show in the window while your partner is outside watching.
  • Get into sploshing- playing with your food in a sexual way.
  • Or if you’re not into playing with your food, cooking together is always hot, especially if you include champagne and other aphrodisiacs in the mix.
  • Try something athletic like naked yoga (at home).

Have any other suggestions? Feel free to comment!

Written by AdrianaGW

5 Responses

  1. VixenBlu says:

    Ah, some of these are really good. I have considered myself very lucky in what my Quarantine Pod turned out to be. Virtual sex = safe sex

  2. ironically & actually – i am so used to spending most my time alone over the many many years, bein’ a somewhat homebodie hermit of sorts, Not going out places doesn’t really bother me, I never really go/went out much generally, other than BILL paying, grocery shopping, etc’…I’m very use to spending hours/days/weeks/months solitarily alone,…I’m not into what everyone refers to the *self love thing (??)…not exactly sure WHAT that is/means anyway. I don’t really *FEEL any thing within’, mostly just coldly empty & dead numbness not even in *S#x* sensations/energies,…
    so I’m use to going for great lengths of time not bothering w/ *intimate type situations. Got use to bein’ alone ever since i was 5 – 6 years old, (gonna’ be 55 yrs’ ~ this NOV’ 11, 021) so i watch tv/dvds/old vhs-movies,. listen to music,..putter around th’ house on various creative or idea conceived projects,..writing/art-drawing,..or general maintenance/cleaning ‘roun’ th’ house,..or just sleepin’/nappin’ a lot; this whole *covid thing really doesn’t get to me ’cause it doesn’t really affect or alter my usual living habits nor cause stifeled’ness in staying in (home) all th’ time. My usual life patterns are not really any different w/ or W/out this whole *covid situation on a personal level. I prefer staying in generally, don’t need to be Going out all the time, I don’t *party, Drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs, even IF? i did feel like going out, I’ve nowhere really much of interest to go, (Clubs/bars/etc’) nor any Friends/Family to worry ’bout goin’ to see or hang out w/,….i’m debating if??? i even feel like going out on th’ 11th in Nov’ for my B-day or not, got NoWhere to go, and spending it alone at home would be no different then spending it alone out in the public realm,…..I understand an’ Know it seems a LOT of people can’t handle bein’ *cooped up at home, – it never bothers me – i don’t really notice the difference. i’m just use to it generally,..guess I’m just too old now to notice or feel the difference than most. or just comfortable stayin’ in alone ~ home.


  3. ps “AdrianaGW”,…

    ~ LOVE THIS TOP IMAGE photographer self model pic,
    is it YOU ?,

    its’ beautifully gorgeously artistic.

    ‘:-]) <3

  4. VixenBlu says:

    @dragonsteelxxx Yeah. I dont know if I was that big on going out to nightclubs. I mean to say, I wasnt the type to go on the regular but I definitely had alot of options on things I could do if I wanted to go dancing, or socialize with adult fun….and of course the conventions.

    When C19 came along, I was already in a very …. interesting headspace and part of that headspace meant I was socializing even less as I weathered what changes were going on. Also had some financial things that made all of my artistic and costuming life suddenly “too luxurious to afford and keep up”.

    I was on a path of furthering my self care and that meant turning down/declining more things out of my philosophy of not being afraid to say no. Im not a people pleaser if my own self worth and care is on the line. To me, I found myself mentally better off than most other people. I dont really have much FOMO in my life and everything just seemed pointless. Priorities seemed pointless when thousands of people were succumbing to this.

    I can do fine on my own and I am a very spoiled person, having both my boyfriend and girlfriend now living with me. Self contained fun.

  5. DavidM says:

    Nice list, worth following

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