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Hi there,

1st of all let me tell you, THIS IS NOT A SCAM. I'd like explain to you a little bit about becoming an adult model on the Internet. My name is Stephanie and I'm an agent for internet Models. We are a site that provides adult models for some of the world's largest adult entertainment and chat sites. Models who decide to work for us are considered to be independent contractors and get paid weekly by the pay method of their choice which is paper check, direct deposit to your own account, or you can sign up for a free pay card to our site. Once accepted by internet models you will not only have access to doing webcam modeling or private chat, but we also offer you access to your very own internet store to sell your own amateur movies and the profits that you can make are unbelievable! We offer the highest profit sharing than any other adult website or entertainment site on the internet! An average internet model can make $500 to $1,000 per week with a Top Model earning as much or more then $2,000 per week. And did I tell you the best thing about our site? Modeling with us is 100% totally free. We will never ask you to pay any fees or for your credit card number or account number unless you decide to be paid by direct deposit. Our fees are deducted automatically and are paid as you work. The only requirement to sign up with us is that you have a valid picture ID that shows you are 18 years of age or older and it really helps if you have a computer and an HD quality webcam, but we also have options available now for some cell phones and tablets. It has been our experience, however, that models tend to earn more with better quality equipment. Our agency is very reputable and you can find more information out by clicking on the link that I have provided for you below or if you'd like to sign up you may also click on the link belowBy clicking on that link I would become your agent and would be corresponding with you thereafter. I understand with so many internet scams going on in the world today that you may be apprehensive but click on the link and check get out if you decide to sign up with us I'll be your agent and I will be here for 100% of your support anytime you need me to and I will also be available to you by telephone. I'm a single mother myself and I know it's hard to make ends meet maybe you're not a single mother , maybe you are a father or a couple or maybe you're just tired of grinding it out day after day for no money. Regardless of who you are or what shape or size you are if you are over 18 click on the link below and find more information:

Stephanie S., Agent
Internet Models
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