The Barber Shop FULL BODY waxing, trimming, shaving, haircuts, beards (Canyon Country)

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Hello Gentlemen I'm Cynthia and I'm also a Mobile Barber
( please keep in mind that I offer only services listed below phone hours are 8am to 8pm)

I'm the owner of Men's Grooming Services as well as being a female Barber, Cosmetologist & Skin Care Tech. I have been in business for over 20 plus years. If you prefer, I offer MOBILE services to your location (travel fee, service fee(s) & distance apply) OR book your appointment @ my Barber Shop.

CALLING is required & by APPOINTMENT only 818 252 9435 no blocked calls, texts or emails thanks!
Open 9am / Closing 7pm

Google: mens grooming, manscaping, mens waxing, etc… I'll be on the first page… Or Find Me On
YELP OR Simply Google mens grooming services

Old School Straight Edge Shave or Wet Shave: Sit back, close your eyes & get ready to pamper your face with an old school Straight Edge Shave. Steam, hot towels & warm lather are gently applied to your face to slowly open your pores & soften your facial hair. A generous amount of lather is used as the slow, steady glide of the blade easily removes the beard hair. More warm towels are applied followed by the light scented application of after shave. Straight Edge Shaves promote calmness, relaxation and leaves your facial skin's appearance clean & youthful. (This service takes approximately 30 to 40 minutes)

Haircuts: Straight edge fades, clipper & scissor cuts, line ups, flat tops, taper cuts, business man's haircut, trims, specialty cuts, etc… Photos are a great way to aid your Barber in knowing exactly what you desire.

Manscaping removal of the hair from your groin area including shaft, scrotum & perineum as well as in between the cheeks. Manscaping contours & enhances your natural hair growth & helps by grooming your delicate area leaving you feeling smooth, in control, clean & is an amazing presentation not only for yourself but especially for your lover
3 choices for Manscaping

(a) Trimming Only can trim any length with trimmers

(b) Trimming followed by Shaving somethings to consider are choosing to leave a shape or go completely bald above the shaft. It's a personal choice either way & there isn't a right or wrong only what's comfortable to you.

(c) Brazilian / Playboy Waxing using wax to remove the hair DOWN THERE & in between the cheeks. Leaves you feeling clean, soft & sensitive, like your naked under your clothes. Hair regrows in approx. 3 to 4 weeks depending on how fast YOUR hair takes to regrow. (Hair must be 1/4" in length or the length of a grain of rice)

Eyebrow trim & clean up using clippers or wax

Expert BEARD & Moustache Shaping & Trimming or a whole new look. After the consultation we will trim out your beard, clipper any unwanted hairs and apply warm towels & steam, conditioning & softening your Beard with oil. Softening the skin where we will use warm towels and lather to straight edge & define the areas of the face & neck which will make your beard "POP" & stand out. I'm confident you will love and appreciate your beard so don't make the mistake of going to someone who will butcher it.

Relatively Painless Nose, Ear, Eyebrow Waxing

Full or Partial Body Trimming/ Shaving/ Waxing *******We design & customize a Manscaping / Hair removal package which fits your needs & desired look. We groom everything:
nose, ears, face, eyebrows, back, shoulders, stomach, chest, arms, legs, buttocks, in between the cheeks, hands, feet, fingers & the Groin. From head to toes everything can go…..You will feel relaxed & comfortable once we speak. Have questions, shy, embarrassed, etc… Not a problem, just give me a call…..

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