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  • Ceres Calhoun’s first time
    Ceres Calhoun was a vicious stereotype of a plain jane & ugly girl. Her pale skin, waif body and figure were unremarkable. Her straight brown hair was parted in the middle and pulled into a ponytail by a black scrunchy. She didn’t help the image with a brown cardigan, over an off white button up blouse tucked into ill fitting brown trousers that exposed her brown socks. Her shoes though were white trail running shoes. Rather they were once white; now they were filthy with mud and dirt from executing their primary function. She liked to run, but more on that another time. She was senior archivist for the Julian Bashir memorial hospital, a job that mainly consisted of scanning paper files into the computer. Her and her mouse-like response to stimuli made it worse. Ceres was destined for this image:
    At age six she got glasses.
    At age ten braces.
    At age 13 acne and her mother said make up was the cause, so she couldn’t wear any under her roof. She wasn’t in the habit of wearing any to this day.
    And at 17 she got a prescription of glasses that eliminated any hope of wearing contact lenses.
    One would imagine she was a virgin, but that’s only partially true. She’d had a wild night of sex once before, the memories of that night coming back as she entered the hospital carport on her way home from work. The memories were making her horny, horny in a manner that only happens about once a year. One touch of her unpainted lips was all it took to send her over the edge. Her shirt was unbuttoned while she glanced around seeing no one in the carport. Her left hand squeezed her tits as her right hand made its way into her pants and through the thick brown pubic hair to her throbbing clit as the memories came flooding back…

    It was nine days after her 18th birthday when Ceres came up with a plan to lose her virginity. She borrowed her little sister Bethany’s slutiest dress, wore no panties and no bra, just the dress, shoes and her glasses; and went to the high school graduation party at Dan O’Reilly’s house. She got drunk and flirted with every guy at the party to no avail. Finally, she stood on a pool table and shouted above the music, “I’M LOOKING TO GET MY CHERRY BUSTED HERE TONIGHT BOYS COME AND GET IT BOYS!” and then she commandeered a bedroom.

    The first boy to come in was a fat black kid named Wade Palmer who used to be unpopular like Ceres; until he learned how to pass block. She took off her dress and waved him in. He took off his pants and superman briefs. He stammered nervously when he said, “S-s-suck m-my d-ick-k.”Ceres knelt down in front of him and began sucking his cock. After 47 seconds she began to think, “Why isn’t he getting hard?” when she realized he was rock hard, he just had a really small penis. The next thing she knew Wade was ejaculating in her mouth with a loud moan and groan. Ceres forced the spunk out of her mouth with her tongue and let it run down her chin, like she had seen in her then stepfather’s porn. Ceres began rubbing her freshly shaven pussy thinking how long before Wade would be able to fuck her when the door opened. Ricky Hazlet and a few others stood laughing and staring. Rather than be embarrassed Ceres was determined and said, “Well Wade didn’t pop my cherry anyone else want it?” Ricky and two other boys came in. Josh Calcian was Ricky’s best friend and Michael Blake a boy rumored to be gay. They all came in and pulled out their cocks. While all three were bigger than Wade’s none were impressive. She took Michael’s because, his was the biggest, in her mouth and the others each got a hand. Ceres tried to lead Josh via handjob to her waiting twat but then he shot his load of semen all over her face. Micheal upon sight of Josh nutting, came into Ceres mouth, but it was only a little.

    Ceres got up and sat on the bed, spreading her legs, beyond the point of comfort, and began finger banging her freshly shaven pussy waving Ricky in. Ricky took one step forward when Michael suddenly knelt down and started sucking Ricky’s dick, with an enthusiasm and skill that betrayed his history for the sport. Ricky seemed oblivious to her presence as he put his hand on the back of Michael’s head. Josh was hard again, and Ceres smiled at him and inserted a second finger into her snatch. But he laid down on the ground and began sucking Michael’s dick. Ceres was about to climb on top of Josh and fuck him, but three more people entered the room.

    First was Silbia Hauser, a girl who had been getting fucked and dumped by Josh since 10th grade. She walked in and stole Ceres’ idea. Silbia didn’t even bother getting undressed; she just hiked up her skirt, took off her crimson panties and squatted onto his penis. Alfred Garza was a lacrosse player and the object of desire for most women at the high school they all graduated from, including a few teachers. He walked in, took off all his clothes, took one look at Ceres, snickered and began a double penetration on Silbia. Behind Alfred was Colin Wilson, but even Ceres knew he was gay, and he wasted no time in tossing Michael’s salad.

    Thinking that’s what they liked, Ceres began to finger her anus, when three more guys walked in. Craig MacKenzie, Lashawn Bettis, and Clyde Sherman were on their way to various colleges for basketball and not looking to get into any trouble to ruin their college chances. They told her so. So all they would do is let her suck their dicks. So she did. She tried to emulate techniques she witnessed the boys in the room used on each other’s dicks. And though these three dicks were the second, third and fifth biggest dicks to have been in her mouth this night, none made her gag. They ejaculated in alphabetical order by last name, covering Ceres in semen, and then they were gone.

    By this time, Silbia had been kicked out of the orgy, and both her and Ceres had been asked to leave. They took a shower together, and ended up kissing each other, sucking on each other’s tits and masturbating, but neither climaxed and it felt forced between them. Like they were horny and unsatisfied, but not lusting after each other. Ceres went home and took a scholarship in the city furthest from her hometown

    Twas the night after Thanksgiving, and Taylor and Skylar Hamilton had fallen asleep while watching a marathon of The Twilight Zone. Skylar awoke first because something was tickling her ear. She had fallen asleep with her head in her brother Taylor’s lap and quickly realized his cock had hardened in his sleep. At first she was aghast, but she stopped short of screaming when she noticed how big it was. Skylar was no stranger to dicks, she looked like Brooklyn Decker except with a bigger nose. Guys fawned over her everyday, and she indulged and was full of them. But none of the cocks she encountered were bigger than the national average. Taylor’s, however, clearly was. She guessed nine inches beneath his sweatpants, and found herself salivating at the thought. She only wanted a peek, just to see a big dick in real life. She slipped her hand into his pants and used her other to pull open his clothes and there it was. His nine inch long cock silhouetted by a Red Bull commercial on the TV. It curved slightly to the right and was throbbing. Skylar suddenly remembered she hadn’t had good sex with a man since the start of the football season. Her nipples hardened and her clit began to swell with excitement. She tried to imagine what it would be like to suck such a dick, would she gag on it? Could she take it down like a champ? The thoughts sent her hand into her own sweat pants and she began to rub her clit. She started to gently stroke the cock, wondering if it could get any bigger. She was working a drop of precum out the tip when she felt his hand slid into her pants, down her ass cheek and deftly found her pussy. His middle and ring fingers easily entered her warm wet vagina. She let out a gasp and thought this had gone far enough. But his fingers were hitting all the right places, and he was hot. Taylor looked like actor Cam Gigandet but with dark emo hair. He stopped fingering her to take off his shirt and reveal his washboard abs maintained by lacrosse play. He worked her pants down and resumed the expert fingering prompting her to suck that dick. She quickly discovered she had no chance of deep throating the whole thing. It was too big and she lacked the experience but she gave it a worthy effort. Before long, she wanted that dick in her pussy. She stood, stripped off all her clothes, and mounted her brother. She started slow but hard, fucking every inch of his cock aggressively. She increased tempo and intensity, approaching a sense of delirium with ecstasy. The couch began creaking with their efforts. She was fucking him as hard as she could, the way she liked it. She tried to keep her grunts quiet, but it felt so good she couldn’t make a conscience effort to do so. Taylor began sucking Skylar’s rock hard nipples as Skylar orgasamed; grinding on his massive dick. He motioned for her to get off of him and laid her on the couch. He was between her legs and his cock was in her pussy so fast she nearly came again. He began fucking her fast and furious, like he was on a time limit. Between the sound of their thighs slapping and the couch creaking they were sure they’d be caught, it was exciting them further. Skylar no longer could be mute, groaning “OH MY GAWD!!” with orgasam. Taylor didn’t want to be caught so out of concern and practice started choking Skylar with his hands. Her initial gurgle got him so hot he began fucking her as furiously as possible. Her face changed color and he released his grip only to release loud, guttural cries of pleasure from her throat. She grabbed the back of his neck and groaned, “FUCK THE SHIT OUTTA ME!” and this drove him over the edge. Wanting to advert an inconvenient pregnancy, Taylor pulled out and shot out gobs and gobs of cum all over her tits, belly and pubic mound. Taylor had never ejaculated that much in his life. He collapsed on top of her and the two quickly drifted off to sleep.

  • She calls me out of the blue, urging me to come over. She just kept saying she wanted to try something. She’s a dark haired, white MILF and I am rather horny, so I take a Lyft to her trailer. The door is unlocked as she is expecting me. I find her lying on the bed wearing dark grey sweatpants and a grey sweater. She’s mocking me with her feet, bound together with a single red ribbon. The pale soles of her. feet dancing to the beat of Otep Seduce & Destroy, toes wiggling nearly at eye level. It’s difficult because I’m not into feet at all. In fact they kind of disgust me. Also, I note that I cannot fully take her pants off. Nor can I bend her over and give her a proper pounding. I feel contempt, being enticed with something I don’t want and being denied that which I do. I’m a dominant hedonist, so I’m all about the pursuit of pleasure. My pleasure. If I desire to suck some toes, then I shall suck some toes. But to have her desires thrust upon me and the added expectation to perform on command? That’s bollocks! I’m not sadistic, inflicting pain isn’t my bag. But pain is the proper tool to return a brat to her place.
    I side step the feet and slither on top of her, my tongue probing her mouth for hers. My left hand fondles her body like it’s the first time I’ve ever touched a woman while my right removes my belt. She’s trying to be coy and dominant by resisting my attempts to bind her wrists. She’s strong but I’m clever and had them lassoed. I then secured the other end of the belt to the headboard. I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her down the bed so the belt was taut. She giggled nervously as I let a moment of silence build. The moment was shattered by cackling when I tickled her feet. I tickled her feet, her thighs, her stomach, her breasts and back down again. It was overt that it ceased to be pleasurable for her a third of the way through, hence why I worked my way back down. I playfully smack her hip, earning a smile. I roll her onto her side and give her a dozen loud smacks just below her buttocks. The look of distress on her face, her physical discomfort sent blood flowing to my member. It’s not the inflicting of pain that causes my erection, it’s her powerlessness. Having her at my mercy, beck and call. The violence is merely a display of power. She squirms, she fidgets, she struggles until finally with a frustrated frown laments, “I don’t think I like this.”
    I strip off my clothes in clumsy haste and am on top of her. She struggles in anticipation of another tickling, but instead my fingers find their way to the elastic waistband of her pants and panties. I pull them down to mid thigh and pull up her sweater revealing creamy yet perky tits topped with cute pink little nipples. She’s struggling, muttering something about not having this in mind. I again pull her so the belt is taut, her arms stretched out. I push her knees to the side and aim for her fuzzy vagina. My swollen member twitched with anticipation on the warm spring night. A drop of precum dripped as my prick found her maiden hole. The fit was tight because of the position she was in. She mentioned it being uncomfortable for her, so I pressed on. As soon as I was balls deep in her cunt, I slapped her and started with the insults and epithets; “You stupid cow, a stupid bitch like you has no use, except to take cock. Huh stupid slut?”
    “Yes.” She moaned.
    “Yes what?”
    “I’m a stupid slut only good for taking dick.”
    I grab her throat and hiss, “Forget to refer to me as thy lord and you’ll be licking the toilet again.”
    I released her neck, she gasped for breath and was slapped hard.
    “Who’s pussy is this?”
    “Yours my lord.”
    “That’s right whore, it’s my pussy. A dirty slut like you craves cock 24/7, huh?”
    “Yes my lord.”
    “Say it. Say you’re a dirty cum sleeve!”
    “I’m a dirty cum sleeve, my lord.”
    “Jake can’t pound this pussy like I can, huh slut?”
    “No my lord.”
    “Jake’s one of what? 500 guys you fucked!”
    “Yes my lord.”
    “Stupid slut. You’re probably thinking about fucking other guys while I pound this pussy.”
    “No my lord.”
    “Why’s that slut?”
    “Because your dick is the best.”
    “Because your dick is the best lord.”
    “Yeah, that’s what I like to hear slut. You love when I call you slut, don’t you whore?”
    “Yes my lord.”
    “Look at all the slut sauce pouring out your cock hole. You’re so turned on right now. You like being a filthy whore. A stupid cunt whose addicted to dick. A slut who will let any man fuck her cunt and swallow his cum huh tramp?”
    “Yes my lord!”
    I pull out of her secret place and slide my slimy member into her mouth. “Suck your whore juice off my dick, bitch!”
    She does her best to suck me off despite the position and the inability to use her hands. She begins to cry as I force her to deep throat me until I climax. I ejaculate directly into her mouth, but I can tell she doesn’t like the taste. She knows it’s the sjambok for her if she doesn’t swallow my spunk, but the sheer amount of it would be a trial for even the most seasoned prostitute. I let her spit the excess onto the sheets.
    I then take a shower, drink a beer and fall asleep on her couch. I’ll untie her in the morning…

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