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  • ‘Do You Love Me’ – by ”Kiss”;…

    ~ *You really like my limousine,
    You like the way the wheels roll…
    You like my TEN inch solid steel,
    And goin’ to all of the shows,..
    Do you love me,
    do you love me,..
    do you love me,..
    really love me…

    ~~ *You like the credit cards and private planes,
    Money can really take you far…
    You like the hotels and fancy clothes,
    And the sound of electric guitars,..
    ..Do you love me,
    do you love me,..
    do you love me,..
    really love me…..
    I mean like do you Really love me;……

    ~~~ *You really like rock ‘n’ roll,
    All of the fame and the masquerade,
    You like the concerts and studios,
    And all the money, honey, that I make,.
    Do you love me,
    do you love me,
    Do you love me,
    ..I mean like do you, Really love me;……

    ~-~- **Your backstage pass and black sunglasses Make you look just like a queen,…
    Even the fans, they know your face From all of the magazines,..
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    Really love me (really love me),
    I want to know..
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    I mean like do ya’ ~ Really love me (love me),
    I want to know..Do you love me (do you love me),
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    Do you love me (do you love me),
    I mean like do ya’ ~ Really love me (love me),
    I want you to (do you love me, do you love me),
    I need you to (do you love me, do you love me),
    And you know I’m so tired of everybody sayin’ it,
    And you know I just gotta know if you really really really,
    really love me, So come on, do you love me (do you love me),

    I need you to, Do you love me (do you love me)
    I want you to, Do you love me (do you love me)
    I need you, Really love me (do you love me),

    I want to know Do you love me (do you love me)
    do you, do you, Do you love me (do you love me),
    I just got to have some love (do you love me, do you love me),
    I just got to have some love (do you love me),
    I just got to have some love, love, love, love, love….

    ….Female model{s} ~ ‘UnKnown’;…

    Art rendering panel edit design by;..

  • ‘Man in the Wilderness’ – by ”Styx”;…

    ~ *Another year has passed me by
    Still I look a myself and cry
    What kind of man have I become?..

    All of the years I’ve spent in search of myself
    And I’m still in the dark ‘Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone,..

    Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
    I’m a lonely sailor lost at sea
    Drifting with the tide
    Never quite knowing why…

    ~ *Ten Thousand people look my way
    But they can’t see the way that I feel
    Nobody even cares to try
    I spend my life and sell my soul on the road
    And I’m still in the dark ‘Cause I can’t seem to find the light alone,..

    Sometimes I feel like a man in the wilderness
    I’m a lonely soldier off to war
    Sent away to die, never quite knowing why
    Sometimes it makes no sense at all,…
    ..Sometimes it makes no sense,..
    …Sometimes it makes no sense,…
    ….Sometimes it makes no sense at all;…
    makes no sense at all;..
    ……………………at all;………….

    Looking for love I’m a man with emotion (And my heart’s on fire)..
    I’m dying of thirst in the middle of the ocean…I’m alive!


    Art rendering panel design by;..
    ~ *dragonsteelxxx*;…

    MALE art-rendering Model;…
    ~ *dragonsteelxxx*;…

  • ”Just Get Through This Night” ~ by ‘Styx’;…

    … This could be the longest night in recorded history,…

    And as for sleep,
    you might as well just cross it off the list of possibilities;..

    (Now) I’m as brave as the next man
    I won’t turn and run from a fight
    And I could last a million years
    If I just get through this night,…

    … I could be a novelist,
    Tell secrets never heard…
    Pour my soul into each and every sentence
    But I just can’t find the words
    Still I know that you’re out there
    And you can relate to it all
    And I could bear the cold and stormy winter
    If I just get through this fall;…….

    == Don’t you know there’s no place on this earth
    Where you can run to escape the pain of a broken heart
    It’s useless to spend the time it takes you try
    But can’t you see that I’m here
    And I’m looking just the same
    And I don’t know why…

    … I could be a movie star,..
    The king of Hollywood……..
    Make them cry, dramatically pretending
    To keep romance alive,…
    And I would humbly thank my director
    And everyone involved from the start
    I could blow them all away
    If I’d only find the the part,……
    …If I just get through this night….
    ….If I just get through this…..
    ~~~~~~ ni iiii ggg hhhh t………


    ”Just Get Through This Night”
    ~ by ‘Styx’ {1983);..

    Art rendering panel design by;..
    ~ *dragonsteelxxx*;…

    (nude} MALE art-rendering Model;…
    ~ *dragonsteelxxx*;…

  • ‘COLORFUL’ ~ Song lyrics by ”The Verve Pipe”;…

    – *Show is over, close the story book
    There will be no encore
    And all the random hands that I have shook
    Well, they’re reaching for the door,…

    – I watch their backs as they leave single file
    You stood stubborn, cheering all the while,…

    I know I can be colorful,
    I know I can be gray
    But I know this loser’s living fortunate
    ‘Cause I know you will love me either way;..

    – *Most were being good for goodness sake
    But you wouldn’t pantomime
    You are more beautiful when you awake
    Than most are in a lifetime,…

    – *Through the haze that is my memory
    well you Stayed for drama
    though you paid for comedy,..

    I know I can be colorful,
    I know I can be gray
    An’ I know this loser’s living fortunate
    An’ I know you will love me either way;..

    – *Look ahead as far as you can see
    We’ll live in drama but we’ll die in a comedy,..

    I know I can be colorful,
    I know I can be gray
    But I know this loser’s living fortunate
    An’ I know you will love me either way,

    I know I can be colorful,
    I know I can be gray
    But I know this loser’s living fortunate
    An’ I know you will love me..
    yes I know you will love me…
    I know you will love me me either way;………

    Art rendering panel design by;.. ~ *dragonsteelxxx*;…

  • as most all of US here on BONOBOS and even over in IG and FB,.. that the Fascist InteRnEt Policia have gone on so underhandedly attack apoun our wonderfully b’loved *GURU’ess* and deep intellectual visionary ~”Dr.BLOCK”. who happily just last month had a great celebrative B-Day, so remember to always let HER know how wonderfully important both SHE and
    ~ the ‘CAPT’ are to all of us, and hope and fight to – with any possibilities – re’instate her accounts on ‘those’ sites.
    and do NOT forget Everyone, another Important B-Day is just ahead. the Incredible BRAINs b’hind the Lady, -“MAX”- s’ b-days only a few months away as well.

    I always wondered wether or not the BONOBOS team would/could ever try n’ gather a large No’ of attendee guests’ to be at th’ show sometime?, someday?… wonder how or what it might/would take to try n’ enlist these folks as potential attendees all in one shows’ night….. Hummmmmmmm?…….. such as,….. “NINA HARTLEY”,… “SUNNY LANE”,… “0NYX MUSE”,… “TIFA QUINN”,… “MICKY LYNN”,.. “CHRISTY CANYON”,.. “SAVANNAH ROSE”,.. “ANA FOXX”,.. “TOMMY GUNN”,… “BREE OLSEN”,.. “AXEL BRAUN”,.. “DAVID LORD”,.. “CARLOTTA CHAMPAGNE”,… “DILLION HARPER”,.. “JOANNA ANGEL”,… “Ms. MAITLAND WARD”,.. “ALANA EVENS”,.. “DANA DEARMOND”,… “DANI DANIALS”,.. “LEX STEELE”,.. “EVAN STONE”,.. “LEXI MANSFEILD”,.. “RUBBERDOLL”,… “ROMI RIAN”,.. “DALLAS RAYNES”,.. and of course the list could go On an’ On an’ On,…
    ’till there’de not even standing room in th’ studo. [lolol]

    — I wish I could be there to see something like that, I’ll be lucky if? I can even still drop off “MAX”s’ b-day stuff in NOV’,…

    …once I’de even suggested an idea for some sorta’ themed ART night,… like I’de even supply Art materials, *PAINTS*, *Lrg’ Drawing pads*, *Pens/pencils*, etc’.. maybe even let anyone whom wished to, be ither a nude model or do DRAWING-sketching, ?… maybe even try n’ fine to bring ~ some “BODY-PAINT” stuffs too. the show has plenty of DANCERS to perform as have been highlighted in previous shows, could anony envision the idea of seein’ “TOMMY G” or “LEX S” or “Evan S” getting’ BoDyPaInTeD by say like ~ “0NYX”, or “BREE” or “RUBBERDOLL”, or “SUNNY” or even ~ *DR.BLOCK*, herself… ‘:-])

    ~~ sadly in truth though, “I” probably wouldn’t even be able to be there. ‘:-(

    • Great sharing of your ideas. I don’t know where others in Bonoboville may be at this time (there are more than a few SNs to choose from) but I feel comfy in my cozy tree here in BonoboVille. 🙂

    • Thank You “V.B”…. I pReSume YOU’LL BE THERE Too?. Right?… You Gotta’ get Pantsted – sorry, Uhhm PAINTED.. ‘;-]) you wouldn’t even need those cute purple panty trunks, ~ just whats B’neath them… ‘;-])

  • OH, just a quick Reminder Update,… I was hopefully still considering ReWriting several of those Erotica x short stories, along with the individual Illustration Art {frame style} that concededly goes w/ Ea. story, and IF?/{when} done, I’ll try and POST them somehow here on BONOBOVILLE, (*probably in the Forums, I guess?) and probably on several of my othere SIT pgs’ like my *TUMBLR*, *my PORNHUB*; *my XHAMSTER*, ect’ — all story posts would be in TANDEM w/ site url links to all…..I still have to ReDraw all the original ARTWORK and PHOTO-SCAN them w/ my digital camera, and UpLoad them to my laptop for editing, prep’ing, then Downloading/Sharing.

    ALL STORIES are 0riginal [*FICTION*] writings/Art by *DRAGONSTEELXXX* and would feature other individuals
    under ALTERED names for privacy reasons. due to some *characters* may be loosely based on certain real life persons.

    *WARNING* ~>:{ all writings/Illustration art ~ are FICTIONAL stories/events, but would be xXx oriented in theme and nature, and ADULT ONLY materials, 18+ 0VER ];…….


  • My Apologies to all, I’ve been off th’ ~*nEt*~ to past week or so, about a wk & 1/2 ago, Weds june 22nd up until the past Sun,.. I got a low level *Pneumonia* infection again w/ my ‘Bronchitis’ an’ my “COPD” {Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease),… Ironically, I was born w/ “Bronchitis’, and have suffered from Pneumonia since I was 6 months old up until even now in Present day,. the UPSIDE is “NO ONE ELSE”can catch it from me,.. the DoWnSiDe is “Only I suffer from it, cause its in my DNA/Genetics an’ My DOC’ said I’m just Stuck w/ it…..
    Glad I Don’t Like smoking or stuff like that…That’de be really stupid too ~ w/ Messed up Lungs I Was Born w/….
    WHY??? would AnYOnE wanna’ smoke ~~ if They were born w/ & have Healthy lungs and can choose,..
    — *I Never got to choose to have compremised lungs as a baby, or now Ither…..

    • Im glad to hear you are doing maybe somewhat better. I am also glad you werent saying you had COVID. I cannot imagine.

  • a REMINDER to all th’ BoNoBoS here,.. “DR.SUSAN BLOCK” ‘s B-Day is CuMmInG up in about a week, on JUNE 10th. 2022. Remember to send her a HAPPY B-DAY WISHES, hugs, kisses and playful sPankEes,…

  • a ‘HAPPY B=DAY’ sending out to *CAPT’ MAX*,..NOV’ 8th, 2021 ~{(& a fellow Scorpio)

    • ❤️😃😉🙂 “the CAPT’ & his Lady Faire ~ the Dr. (*Susan),……..this is one fantastically Beautiful And sentimentally romantic Pic’ {No’ 3). 🙂😉😊

  • a Tumblr.com ~ Post: “Famous Naturists & Nudists”,…
    { *original post by:*naked–dekan -> https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/naked–dekan );….

    There really are many famous people that are well know as being naturists.
    here is a listing of those people we could find are know to be naturists, both historical figures ,
    famous people from the past, and from contemporary culture in the USA and elsewhere.

    ~~ Now some of them are skinny dippers, or At home nudists,
    or just occasional nudists and others are all out known as naturists.

    Jim backus, actor, voice of mr. magoo and Mr. Howell on Gilligan’s Island
    Gloria Stewart, actress from titanic
    Matt Millen, Raiders Football Player
    Lynn Redgrave, actress
    Benjamin Franklin, U. S. statesman and inventor
    John quincy Adams, U. S. President
    John F. Kennedy, US president
    Senator Ted Kennedy
    Elle MacPherson, Australian model and actress
    P.J. Harvey, singer
    Theodore Roosevelt
    Lyndon Johnson
    Robbie Williams
    Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ neighborhood
    Kevin Bacon, actor
    Barry Manelow, singer
    Duke and Duchess of windsor
    John Ball ( donald johnson ) writer of “in the heat of the night’
    Lady godiva
    Adam & Eve
    Kurt Weill, composer
    Charles F. Richter, inventor of the richter scale
    Louise Brooks, actress
    Erin Grey, actress buck rogers, grew up in a nudist family

    ~ *Famous Naturists,…..
    These are people who are known to practice non-sexual nudity at home
    or have visited nude beaches or other places for nude recreation.

    Christina Aguilera
    Pamela Anderson
    Jennifer Aniston
    Christopher Atkins
    Kevin Bacon
    Oksana Baiul
    Drew Barrymore
    Tyra Banks
    Bella Bartok, composer
    Amanda Beard
    alexander graham bell, inventor
    Jack Black
    Lara Flynn Boyle
    Christy Brinkley
    Melanie Brown (Spice Girl)
    Jimmy Buffett
    Kelly Clarkson
    Nadia Comaneci
    Billy Connolly
    Paul Daniels (magician)
    Ted Danson
    Rosario Dawson
    Dom Delouise
    Johnny Depp
    Athena Demos
    Alan Dershowitz
    Cameron Diaz
    Celine Dion
    Tate Donovan from “damages’
    Erica Durance
    Marianne Faithful
    Ralph Fiennes
    Colin Farrel
    Colin Fletcher
    Flea (Bassist – Red Hot Chili Peppers)
    Peter Fonda
    Matthew Fox
    Jamie Foxx
    Rebecca Gayheart
    Theodore Geisel ( Dr. Seuss ), Author
    Ian Gillian (Lead Singer – Deep Purple)
    Jeff Goldblum
    Cuba Gooding Jr
    Laura Graham
    Amy Grant
    Macy Gray
    Linda Hamilton
    Tom Hanks
    Daryl Hannah
    Woody Harrelson
    Melissa Joan Hart
    PJ Harvey
    Goldie Hawn
    Mariel Hemingway
    Kate Hudson
    Kate Humble (BBC presenter “Autumn Kate”)
    Elizabeth Hurley
    Jade Jagger
    Janet Jackson
    Famke Janssen
    Ashley Judd
    Nicole Kidman, actress
    Mollie King (British singer/musician)
    Heidi Klum, model
    Kiera Knightly
    Olga Korbut, olympic gold medalist
    Ali Larter, actress on heroes
    Avril Lavigne
    Jennifer Lopez
    Mario Lopez
    Barry Manilow, singer & songwriter
    Matthew McConaughey
    Andie MacDowell
    Ewan McGregor
    Sir Ian McKellen
    Sarah McLachlan
    Patrick McNee
    Elle McPherson
    Christopher Meloni
    Helen Mirren
    Demi Moore
    Alanis Morrisette, singer
    Kate Moss, model
    Jack Nicholson, actor
    Hayden Panettiere
    Paloma Picasso
    Brad Pitt
    Sidney Pollock, actor & director
    Jamie Pressly
    Sheryl Lee Ralph
    Lynn Redgrave
    Sara Rue
    Kurt Russell
    Claudia Schiffer
    Jerry Seinfeld
    Jane Seymour, actress
    Sherri Shepherd
    Alicia Silverstone
    Britney Spears
    Princess Stephanie (Monaco)
    Patrick Stewart
    Charlize Theron
    Emma Thompson
    Uma Thurman
    Justin Timberlake
    Robbie Williams
    Bruce Willis
    Amy Winehouse, singer
    Katrina Witt, olympic gold medal winner
    Adrian Young (Drummer – No Doubt)
    John Quincy Adams
    Josephine Baker, singer, dancer & actress
    Winston Churchill
    Isadora Duncan, dancer
    Benjamin Franklin
    Spalding Gray, author & monologist
    Robert A. Heinlein, author
    Margaux Hemingway, actress
    Ernest Hemingway, writer
    Alfred Hitchcock, director
    Lyndon Johnson, us president
    James Mason, actor
    Patrick “Tip” O’Neal, speaker of the house
    George Orwell, writer
    Fred Rogers
    Rod Sirling, writer & creator of the outer limits
    Henry David Thoreau, writer
    Walt Whitman, writer
    Sandy Shaw – british pop singer from 1960’s

    *Alanis Morissette, Andie MacDowell, Elle McPherson, Helen Mirren,
    and Jenny Aguttar, Kevin Bacon, Callista Flockhart,
    Pam Anderson and Shania Twain all reportedly like to walk around the house nude,

    *Helen Mirren for one: starred in 20 films. “I’m a naturist at heart,”
    she says, “I love being on beaches where everyone is naked.
    Ugly young people, beautiful old people, whatever. It’s so unsexual and so liberating…”

    *Brad Pitt was asked if he enjoyed starring as the half-naked Greek demi-god Achilles in the film Troy,
    Pitt said: “I’m naked all the time at home.”

    *Daryl Hannah Enjoys Being Nude:
    “My favourite thing is to be naked, which is why I always live in remote areas.
    My ideal is to wake in the morning and run around the meadows naked.
    I think it’s a good idea to live in harmony with nature.”

    oregonnaturist on tumblr, added:
    – *And me!!!

    heart-of-shady on tumblr, aded:
    – *Dove Cameron counts on this list, I’d say.

    DRAGONSTEELXXX {dsxxxIII) on tumblr, added:
    – *you could also add several well known individuals including:
    Talkshow MC/hostess:”Dr.Susan Block”; Actress “Nina Hartley”;
    Actress ”Sunny Lane”; Actor “DRAGONSTEELXXX ->{(*dsxxxIII*)];
    Actress “Kristine DeBell” ->{*Alice in wonderland, 1976 xXx musical* & “Meatballs” with bill Murray);
    Actress “Onyx muse”; Actress “Cassandra Peterson” <~{ aka – *Elvira, Mistress 0f the Dark*);
    Actress “Maureen 0′sullivan” -{the first TARZAN s’ jane);
    Re'Posting to tumblr by:*DRAGONSTEELXXX ~(dsxxxIII);….
    [ https://dsxxxiii.tumblr.com/post/663549246937726976/famous-naturists-nudists ]

  • just saw this on ‘tumblr’,… i understand the sentiment all to well….. :-\

  • Thought I’de share some links FOR ~ “Dr.Block” & Capt’ Max”,…
    a POST for the Dr.Block Show from MY tumblr too;….
    ~>:[ https://www.tumblr.com/blog/view/dsxxxiii/657391416545280000 ];…

  • I am hoping its’ ok IF? i began some post on here – I was hoping to watch/listen to ther Br.Block show tonight online, an’ although I can see it on *LOUNGE here, I can’t participate in its’ *chat, – I’m not on FB so really miss saying hello to everyone. I haven’t anyone out here in the real {everyday} world :{[ *friends, family, acquaintances, associates, etc )];.. since even before this whole COVID thing popped up 1&1/2 yrs ago. I generally nowdays ~ th’ past 5 or 6 or 7 or so – spend alone at home anyway (*bout 98.9 % of the time). I’m use to being a homebody shut-in, w/ or W/out this covid { *LOLOL ‘;-]) ];… it’de be nice once or twice every so often to have someone to talk too ’bout stuff on my mind, I learned a long time ago though, Best to not speak to people about anything that isn’t generally ’bout *them. – good or bad. not even certain if? i ought to say anything at all, even in posts or email, or whatever. anywaysssss,… I miss sayin;’ Hi to all the old acquaintances i use to say hello to yrs’ ago,.. so may I throw out a Shout out HI to “Dr.S.Block”, “Capt’ Max”, “Del Rey”, “Abe (aka “mr.UNSCENE)”, “Harry Sapien”, “Pheonix Dawn”, “Don P.”, “Onyx Muse”, “Dayton Rains”, “Nina Hartley & Ernest G.”, “VixenBlu”, “AdrianaGW”, “Bonobo Betty”, “IKKOR”, “Gypsy Bonobo”, “missonobo”, “BizBonobo”, “Rayna Reigns”, “Dr. Tim”, “Phoenix Strippers”,….. And All the Friends/Family/Supporters Past & current whom have followed and encouraged the BLOCK STUDIOS SHOW over the years.

    LOTSa’ LUVs’ to ALL,……

    ~ *dragonsteelxxx”.

  • I found a AVATAR CARTOON CHARACTOR maker online program, thought I’de start off w/ two beginning Characters, “Dr. S.Block” & “Camp’ Max”. keep in mind though, this program is limited so couldn’t make very much better images. I hope everyone still enjoys/likes these ~~ Luvs to “Dr. B” & “the Capt’,”;……

  • just wanted to send out a “HAPPY B-DAY” wishes to “Dr. Susan Block”
    ~~ w/ Lotsa’ Luvs, both to Dr. B & the Captain {*Max} too.
    ‘;-]) ~