Circumcision and Skin Bridges

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    Have you ever heard of a skin bridge? Have you ever known a male whom had been circumcised, and left with a skin bridge? Have you ever known such a person to suffer that affliction even into late adulthood?

    Imagine the very identity of a young man as he matures sexually. Imagine now a young man going through life with an untreated skin bridge on his penis. Try to imagine how such a thing would effect his self esteem, feeling of self worth and so on. Imagine living with such a thing so long into your older adult years. Think of the questions he would likely ask himself. “How could I have any worth or value in the world when my own parents didn’t even care enough about me to protect me from being butchered as an infant.? Even growing into a toddler, and an adolescent, and on to the teen aged years. Still, parents didn’t care, child hood doctor didn’t care, nor any doctors who may have seen it at school while giving physicals for sports and such…” “Not one brother, or sister. Not one person in the family or otherwise cared enough to care for that young man” Finally, after 34 years…. All grand parents, and parents, several aunts and uncles… All immediate family has passed away except maybe a brother here and there… And there he is, left alone, once again asking that same old question… “Why didn’t anyone care enough to make sure I was at least okay while I was just an innocent baby?” Followed by the next life long question… “How could something like this truly go unnoticed?” Finally, the most important question of all… “Why are people still allowing Doctors to butcher new born babies with an obsolete tradition for no practical reason?”
    Stop chopping up our baby boys. Let them grow up into young adulthood and then give them a choice.

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