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    Harry Sapien

    It occurs to me that me and my friends invented an exhibitionist game. First, the scene. Picture a meeting, a regular meeting or a high level staff meeting filled with plenty of important muckity mucks and bonus points if one of the muckity mucks has a giant stick up his ass and is a stickler for protocol.

    Now enter the “Penis” Game

    the goal of the game is to say the word “Penis” during the meeting. The person who is brave enough to say penis the loudest wins the game.

    So, during the meeting, the first person whispers that beautiful word “Penis”, just barely audible. Serve one, volley one. Next person sees the incoming “penis” and bats it back with a slightly louder “Penis”… next person gets a little sneaky and bats it back with a fast high voiced slightly louder “penis” next person gets creative and varies the pitch and lilt of the word and says “PeNiS” in a cadence that masks the word. Each volley varies in timing from 20 seconds later to 3 – 4 minutes later…

    all the while the “rest” of the people in the meeting aren’t quite sure what is going on. At first, they think it is nothing, but then, their brains slowly lock onto the fact that someone is saying what sounds like “Penis”.

    No, that can’t be??? But there is that word again, floating and dancing around like a lightning bug that is only visible for a brief instant before it is gone.

    The “Penis” gets batted around, louder and louder, being interjected creatively during the meeting. Now that it is picking up steam and volume creativity is a must. You have to insert the word into the perfect instant of the meeting, during general murmers or ruckus or questions being asked or masked by other noises.

    By now, the “audience” is trying to contain their laughter but they can’t. Now, the person giving the briefing or heading the meeting is thinking that the laughter is due to something they said. The players of the game are the ones who are laughing the most and now they have to mask their laughter and incorporate it into the briefing, meeting, or questions. Occasionally one of the “audience” members loses it and can’t control their laughter. When the person heading the briefing or meeting asks them what is so funny, the person never has the balls to say and apologizes profusely. This is worth bonus points to whatever player’s last penis is responsible for the laughter.

    The game usually ends when the last “penis” stops the briefer and you can tell their subconscious is starting to lock onto the word that has been floating and batted around.

    This game is all about stakes. The bigger the meeting, the more gravitas the meeting has, the better the game.

    The game is always spontaneous and you never know who is going to join in the fun as the rules of the game are self evident and easily discernible. It is often quite fun when someone who is not part of the normal penis playing crew decides to join in the fun. The best version of this I had ever had happen was we were playing the penis game during a Congressional Briefing. That’s right, there was a Congressman in the room and a Colonel giving the briefing. High Stakes!!!! The game must be played!!!! And during the Penis game, a female Captain who was an aide for the Colonel batted the penis ball around a couple of times!!!! Very impressive, sneaking one in during a well disguised sneeze.



    Penis ENVY



    SMALL PENIS!!!!!!!!! BIG BUTTTTT!!!!!!

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