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“Sushi Girl” in Bonoboville: Go Bonobos in the Year of the Monkey!

8 Feb , 2016  

“It’s the eve of the Chinese New Year, and we’re having a lovely sushi dinner on DrSuzy.Tv. Actually, the dinner—fine vegan sushi from Ralph’s—isn’t nearly as lovely as the dinner plate: a beautiful naked woman.

And yes, sushi is Japanese, but it is said to have been invented in Southeast Asia, migrating through South China before reaching Japan where it was recreated by Chef Hanaya Yohei as the nineteenth century’s version of Tokyo Fast Food. History or mystery, ringing in the New Year of the Monkey (we’re always up for a good celebration) with a bonoboësque banquet of seaweed, cucumber, carrot, ginger, avocado, wasabi and white rice decorating the clean clear skin of a beautiful naked woman feels festive, if not strictly authentic….. READ MORE

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