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How Much Would You Pay for A Dress? $10? $100? What about $100K?

19 Feb , 2018  

The bidding war is on and the item on the auction block is a “sparkly gold dress” worn by none other than adult film star, Stormy Daniels. While the actress has garnered mainstream attention from the media, the dress has captured the attention of Sin City’s Erotic Heritage Museum. The museum’s director, Dr. Victoria Hartmann, has stated that the museum is willing to pay $100,000 to obtain her gold dress.

Why so much for a dress? Well, according to Stormy, it was the gold dress she wore during her 2006 rendezvous with Mr. Donald J. “Grab ’em by the pussy” Trump. However, before the museum will pay for the dress, a forensic DNA test will need to be conducted to prove its legitimacy.

While some sex workers sell old nylons, panties, and shoes, Stormy’s dress may create a new market for those that enjoy sex with their politics. Or is that politics with their sex?


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