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Hotel Bonobo Front Desk LIVE WEBCAM

31 Aug , 2017  

miller-hotel2Welcome to The Bonobo Way Hotel.
You can view our live security cameras that feature different parts of the hotel property.
We broadcast them free for your viewing pleasure.
The hotel is available to guests of the studio, as well as Bonoboville members.
For more information please call 213.670.0066.


Surround yourself with good.

Hotel Bonobo Front Desk.


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Can You Actually Use a Korean Spa as Your Hotel for the Night? | MAYA KACHROO-LEVINE via LA WEEKLY

4 Aug , 2016  

Not to be shaken by late-night host and comedian Conan O’Brian’s Korean Spa excursion, journalist Maya Kachoroo-Levine dishes the inside scoop on one of Los Angeles’ most notable Koren Spas. Wi-Spa is a 24 hour spa and Kachoroo-Levine’s report includes the saunas, restaurant and amenities. Need to unwind while you’re in Los Angeles? READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

Del Rey 

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