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Article Tie-In: Pleasure, Mortality, Revolution, and the ‘Decameron’

21 Sep , 2020  

Happy Sunday Sinners! Last night’s throwback episode of the Dr. Susan Block Show was a great discussion about sex, Christianity, and mortality. I’ve specialized in writing about the three subjects in regards to film and pop culture in general, so I was very excited to listen to the show and ponder my own experiences as a former bible study leader, and member of the church.

One of my pieces (which happened to be one of my sample submissions for editor/writer at Bonoboville) explores pleasure, mortality, revolution, and the “Decameron.” The “Decameron” is a thirteenth-century Italian masterwork that captures resilience, the power of storytelling, the hypocrisy of Christianity, and sex during the Plague. Set during a tumultuous period in history, the “Decameron” celebrates life and pleasure in all its forms in a time where death and misery were abundant.

The piece focuses on the many film adaptations of the book, and how they tie into the different movements in history, particularly the change in western attitudes towards sex in the early seventies. From 1971 to approximately 1975, there are over 40 film adaptations, entitled Decamerotici (Some poster art is linked below). There are other modern reincarnations such as Virgin Territory and The Little Hours

Entering Virgin Territory Pleasure Mortality Revolution and the Decameron - Google Docs

Overall, if you enjoy film, history, sex, and religion, you might enjoy this piece. 

Before leaving, here is a fun list of euphemisms for sex and genitalia from the 13th century:

“The evil hole never takes a holiday.”

“The kind of horn men do their butting with.”

“One cock is good enough for ten hens”

“I’m going to work your garden for you better than it’s ever been worked before.”

“Round breasts, as firm and delicate as if they had been made of ivory.”


The piece was originally posted in the Patreon section of a website that is no longer live. The link is a repost. 

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According to INSIDER: “Pope Francis Says The Pleasures of Food and Sex Are ‘Simply Divine'”

11 Sep , 2020  

There have been a lot of popes in Italy’s history, but Pope Francis may be one of the coolest. In a book of interviews with writer Carlo Petrini, he describes the pleasures of food and sex as “simply divine.” While most religious figures shy away from matters involving any form of pleasure, Pope Francis encourages it. That’s important because experiencing pleasure in all forms is a part of what makes life worth living for. The new book is entitled “Terra Futura.” It recently published on Wednesday of this week. 

To read more you can visit:

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Block Book Features: If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission

2 Aug , 2017  

Block Book Features:

If Nuns Ruled the World: Ten Sisters on a Mission

“In an age of villainy, war and inequality, it makes sense that we need superheroes,” writes Nicholas Kristof of The New York Times. “And after trying Superman, Batman and Spider-Man, we may have found the best superheroes yet: Nuns…”

Order now.


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