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Greetings fellow Internet traveler and welcome to Bonoboville! This is a private community of diverse individuals, couples and tribes from multiple walks of life, but we do have some interests in common: love, peace, art, science, literature, sexuality, adventure, self-understanding, passion, compassion, the “pursuit of happiness” immortalized in revolutionary America’s Declaration of Independence, and the joy of life on our incredible planet earth. We are world patriots wielding Weapons of Mass Discussion.

In addition, and perhaps most notably, we support and promote our kissing cousins, the BONOBO apes. We humans can learn a lot from our “Make-Love- Not-War” fellow travelers that are just becoming known around the world. The big problem is they are highly endangered, so we actively support several organizations with boots-on-the-ground, working hard to save them from extinction.

Join us, enjoy your stay, and remember we’re in beta, so help us build this unique but far-reaching community. And please make a donation or pay for your membership, if you can, so we can build a better Bonoboville and help save the real bonobos in the wild.

See you inside!

Dr. Suzy and Pr. Max

Wall Street

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