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  • I am trying to be honest with myself, so I can be honest with others. Constant observations of others tells me this. Also got a reminder (from another person’s actions) on why we must not be so attached to things in our past. We must not use our labels and accolades of before as a pathway to entitlement in the present

  • Ijc with anything meta… I have signed the petition but I don’t have alot of faith in Facebook/IG for this kind of stuff. I can’t say how long it might take, even if Staff can be reasoned with.

    Any other places that Dr. Susan Block can use for now? I imagine she is just down to Twitter, her websites, and BonoboWay as far as social stuff goes?

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  • Real mellow weekend. Started with hardwRe and Linux upgrades, and here my pony arrives home.

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  • Hate that powerless feeling, in light of a friend’s abuse. Can’t help them out bc it will put them at risk. Can’t talk about it. Was even chided by my bf for trying to block this guy from our business socials , so I can’t even stop this person from being able to contact me or the business.

    Fuck Texas and I can’t help but have ill will towards the abuser.

    VixenBlu posted an update 1 week, 6 days ago

  • fuck em and fuck the fact that social complacency leads Zuck (and Musk for that matter) into being “too big to fail”.

    So many things I have missed out on bc I won’t play thier reindeer games…and yet everytime one of us falls victim to thier bullshit (losing our accts and connections,no matter how much people try and conform), the collective “we” continues to use this platform leaving those people to be to scrabble back to FB under a new acct, thinking we can do better the next time. That only perpetuates things to stay this way.

    Look up enshittification (coined by Cory Docotorow) bc it encompasses so much of the overall problem and people’s (generally) adverse reaction to leaving our comfort zone

    We need something different. There are alternatives but we need to perpetuate its use. Bonobo Way could be such a thing if the sexjal health and wellness community, sex workers, love magnets, and other sexual beings want it

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  • There are things that just need to be done. It’s best to be honest with ourselves so we can grow and move on from which that does not serve us.

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  • Talked with a good friend At length about music, sensuality , and passion products. My lover is a musician and finally wants to make some steps that he hasn’t before.

    I’m the only web geek he knows, so I tried to be honest with regards to what I know

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  • Watching the “May the Bots Be With You” event today while I try and connect with passion. I am working on mask in 3D.

    The NHRL event is my geek household’s version of sportsball… 🙂

    VixenBlu posted an update 1 month ago

  • Met with a friend this weekend. They are moving out of the place they have occupied for over 20 years. Lots of furry history that we now take stewardship over.

    Whole bunch of comics, prints and memorabilia from late 1980s and 1990s, including something very Classic Furry Pinup. Minerva Mink is in the house!

    VixenBlu posted an update 1 month ago

  • Having a nice steak with a magarita. Feeling way more buzzed than I expected. As plump as I am, I think the pandemic has killed what alcohol tolerance that I had left.

    Absolutely content and celebrating a friend’s birthday

    VixenBlu posted an update 1 month, 1 week ago

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