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  • After weeks of trial and error, I now have a fun new toy to offer. One could say I am *ahem* breathless at the thought 🙂

    VixenBlu posted an update 5 months ago

  • Who knew that the secret to time travel would be found in the US Congress (House and Senate, too!). Between R/W being repealed and the USA’s commitment to Not Doing Shit…. we are flying backwards at this point. Im going to have to be a pin cushion for at least a year til I can even think about this. I am the end result of a mother’s poor judgement, as well as falling through the cracks of The System.

    Im going to *have to* grin and bear the umpteenth attempt at getting immunized, and all the medical and insurance bs that will go along with it

  • I have to accept that not everyone is going to empathize with me. As obvious as things should be to me, I dont think al men (and those with the capacity/formerly with the capacity to get others pregnant) will always connect the dots to why their uterus-having lover/spouse might not be up for having sex right now. I might have to let this dude be mad at me or paint me as “punishing them”. I guess this is where I have to own the word “BITCH”

  • It has been hard to express just how I have felt from the Supreme Court ruling. I havent even been responsive to my private messages, missives and text messages from my closest friends and lovers. 2 of my lovers and my boyfriend are men…. and I just dont have it in me to get into how much this violence on women/lgbt/POC has affected me (both ssensually and sexually)

  • Im glad to hear you are doing maybe somewhat better. I am also glad you werent saying you had COVID. I cannot imagine.

    VixenBlu posted a new activity comment 6 months, 4 weeks ago

  • Im working hard on your website… really

    VixenBlu uploaded 1 new photo 8 months, 1 week ago

  • For over a year…maybe even two, I havent had any pull towards doing anything about my lack of fetish clothing, sexy lingerie, toys, and gear. I have told this as much to people who get such non answers when they try and see me entertain thoughts about my wants and desires.

    ….but lately?

    I have been catching those familiar old pulls at thoughts of what I might buy in the (sexy, fetish, furry department). So, here is the one of tonight: (this looks fun to have others play with me) https://www.hismith.com/en/sex-machines/506-hismith-pro-traveler-portable-sex-machine-with-remote-controller-kliclok-system.html

  • Oh hahah… yeah… I guess those looking in on our fandom finally know… Rule 34 has never left Firefox and other animal mascots out of the running. Look up Zabivaka, the wolf character that represented the Olympics (Sochi)

    VixenBlu posted a new activity comment 8 months, 2 weeks ago

  • Been working a side hustle in adult ecom, and… proof positive that even non performance sex work is just always some bullshit. Today its Amazon and dumb pasties. I hate covering all the sexy bodies up.

  • Its been a really tough time, absorbing the wider world. Even my own little world (my household) is full of dark clouds. I was trying to do the thing where I dont hide anything and address things. However, communicating with other human beings is not working so well. Still not working so well.

    I understand more and more why I have this desire to live and exist alone, all ties to the remaining things cut and just being truly on my own. However, that simply isnt possible (financially speaking). Only thing to do is change the way I feel about it.

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