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  • For over a year…maybe even two, I havent had any pull towards doing anything about my lack of fetish clothing, sexy lingerie, toys, and gear. I have told this as much to people who get such non answers when they try and see me entertain thoughts about my wants and desires.

    ….but lately?

    I have been catching those familiar old pulls at thoughts of what I might buy in the (sexy, fetish, furry department). So, here is the one of tonight: (this looks fun to have others play with me) https://www.hismith.com/en/sex-machines/506-hismith-pro-traveler-portable-sex-machine-with-remote-controller-kliclok-system.html

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  • Oh hahah… yeah… I guess those looking in on our fandom finally know… Rule 34 has never left Firefox and other animal mascots out of the running. Look up Zabivaka, the wolf character that represented the Olympics (Sochi)

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  • Been working a side hustle in adult ecom, and… proof positive that even non performance sex work is just always some bullshit. Today its Amazon and dumb pasties. I hate covering all the sexy bodies up.

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  • Its been a really tough time, absorbing the wider world. Even my own little world (my household) is full of dark clouds. I was trying to do the thing where I dont hide anything and address things. However, communicating with other human beings is not working so well. Still not working so well.

    I understand more and more why I have this desire to live and exist alone, all ties to the remaining things cut and just being truly on my own. However, that simply isnt possible (financially speaking). Only thing to do is change the way I feel about it.

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  • “Float more…. steer less….. float more, steer less…… float more, steer less…”

  • I definitely used Switter from a time shortly after its inception. The social fragmentation is real, as each closure happens unnecessarily.


    Think Im down to 2 places which remain from my sex work life.

    VixenBlu posted an update 3 months ago

  • Sometimes, there are problems between people and the cant be sorted out through talking. (no, this is not a violence post either). I do know that Im too broke, so I cant say whether money would solve it.

    I know that, the only option is to change *how* I feel about the scenario. I need to focus on find a way to make space for myself….a realm where I can practice my autonomy and have it be effective.

  • The New Years has come, and there were signs of what was to come. Just reconnecting to the world tonight after a 3 day cell phone/internet and phone outage.

  • (Re) vaxxed and sassy

  • Work partner and I went into a meeting for intent to collaborate with someone so we can all reap the benefits of what could be a shared effort. However, it was clear that this other person who we were considerate for isnt going to work with us. So, I guess I roll out the plans I had held in the wings and carry on.

    Competitiveness does not interest me and, I just want to get stuff done. :-/ *sigh* I just want to be a bonobo and play on my drum all day.

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