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  • #SilverAnniversary #Getaway to #MarinaDelRey #TheBonoboWay 🙂 #GoBonobos 4 @MDRHotel #travelog

    • After traveling on this beautiful planet for almost three quarters of a century, with the last quarter being the best, most exciting and delicious a man could have, I now look forward to the last years of my life. As I move closer to the angels, I appreciate even more the beautiful earth angel that is my friend, my wife, my counselor and my partner in the final journey of my life. How I love this woman has no words, no possibility of explaining the love between us. Steadfast through some of the most difficult times in our lives to the most joyous times, we have stood next to each other and faced the world with a smile and sometimes with a tear of joy for all we have been given. She’s asked for nothing and takes nothing but gives everything she has to all those around her. So in the end there are no words to describe this person except to say, I love you Susan, thank you, you are at the center of my soul. You are my life.